Mysterious Lady - egyptian mummy. We digitally took the skull out of the bandages/ WMP Human

Warsaw Mummy Project Human

Thanks to CT images and special programs, we were able to remove from the bandages and tissues the skull of the Mysterious Lady mummy, the first known mummy of a woman to die during pregnancy.

A virtual autopsy of this mummy has revealed to us the possible cause of the death of this young woman. The facial part of the skull shows changes that are characteristic of the nasopharynx caused by cancer.

Author: Stanisław Szilke/Warsaw Mummy Project Human

Research and popularization of research is possible thanks to cooperation with:
Medical University of Warsaw,
Museum of the University of Warsaw,
National Museum in Warsaw,
Silesian Museum in Katowice,
Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw
Grey Groupe Poland,
GE Healthcare,
Affidea Polska,
Leydo Film

The research of the Warsaw Mummy Project was made in a cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw.

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