Let's explore the ancient city of Hattusa and take a tour of the Hittite capital, which was founded by the Hattians more than four thousand years ago during the Bronze Age. Destroyed and burnt down by Anitta, the King of Kussara, Hattusa was restored in the 17th century BC by the king of Hittites, Ḫattušili I and became a capital of one of the most important Late Bronze Age civilisations. Let’s take a closer look at the sanctuary of Yazılıkaya, the Great Temple, the mysterious green stone, the Lion Gate, the Sphinx Gate, and many more majestic, megalithic structures erected thousands of years ago.

Let’s get to know more about the history, architecture, and art of the Hittites!

It's a must-see video for all of you, who visit Turkey for the first time. To appreciate and cherish the magic of the place before you travel to Turkey watch this. My vlog / full documentary will give you a little taste of Turkish wonders: megalithicarchitecture, beliefs, and history.

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Explored in November 2021.


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