Reconstruct Tell el-Daba

Project: A puzzle in 4D: digital preservation and reconstruction of an Egyptian palace

Host Institution/PI & Project management: OREA, Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (ÖAW)

This short film leads you through the reconstruction of a large palace-like building that was excavated by the Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAI) during the years 1979 till 1989. This reconstruction is based on the field documentation and the finds retrieved from the building. Since only the foundations, floors and a few courses of the walls were preserved from this palace, for the non-preserved parts used in this reconstruction other documentation of Middle Kingdom architecture were used such as wooden house models, preserved architectural element from other excavations as well as wall paintings and reliefs.

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Funding: Österreichische Nationalstiftung für Forschung, Technologie & Entwicklung (DH 2014/12)

References and bibliography: E. Aspöck | K. Kopetzky | B. Horejs | M. Bietak | M. Kucera | W. Neubauer, ‘A Puzzle in 4D. Digital Preservation and Reconstruction of an Egyptian Palace.’ Proceedings of the Digital Heritage International Congress held in Granada, 28 September–2 October 2015, doi: 10.1109/DigitalHeritage.2015.7419596.

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