Learn how to read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Ilona Regulski | Curator's Corner S7 E10

You asked for more Ilona. You asked for more ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. And you technically asked for as many tangents relating to ancient Egyptian life as possible (see our community post if you don't believe us). So here it is: curator of ancient writing Ilona Regulski is going to teach you how to read your first sentence in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Definitely not hieroglyphics!

There is a deeply palpable love of verbs throughout.
Also, Nick is there.

If you'd like to find out more about how hieroglyphs were deciphered in the 1800s, we currently have an exhibition on all about exactly that:

Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt is on now!
Find out more here: https://bit.ly/3TeIrMh

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00:00 Intro to lintel of Amenemhat III
1:05 What is the difference between hieroglyphs and hieroglyphics?
2:31 What does the Cartouche mean?
3:36 Amenemhat in hieroglyphs
4:59 Table showing Amenemhat
5:14 Difference between hieroglyphs on stone and papyrus
5:50 What direction are hieroglyphs written in?
8:32 How ancient Egyptians learnt hieroglyphs
12:02 King of Upper and Lower Egypt in hieroglyphs
13:22 Table for King of Upper and Lower Egypt
13:57 Lord of the Two Lands in hieroglyphs
14:39 Table for The Lord of the Two Lands
14:56 to do in Egyptian hieroglyphs
15:32 Horus is in Shedet
16:35 Table for Horus is in Shedet
16:50 Sobek the Shedet one
19:00 Table for Sobek the Shedet one
17:32 Determinative in Egyptian hieroglyphs
19:30 A brief indication of just how much Ilona loves verbs
19:50 Gives life and stability in Egyptian hieroglyphs
20:20 Table for Gives Life and Stability
21:35 Were hieroglyphs painted?
22:17 Abstract ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs
23:10 Nick tries to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs
25:25 Ilona actually reads ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

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