Why the Pyramid Building Tradition Ended: The Mastaba of Shepseskaf

The 4th Dynasty of Egypt’s Old Kingdom is famous for its pyramid building prowess.

Sneferu is believed to have built three of these monumental structures in the Meidum, Red and Bent Pyramids. His son Khufu built the largest of all, at Giza with the Great Pyramid, and Djedefre’s was on the highest ground at Abu Rawash.

Khafre built his next to the Great Pyramid but on higher ground to look taller, and although Menkaure’s was smaller, it was arguably the most beautiful both inside and out.

But then we have Shepseskaf, who is believed to be the final king of the 4th dynasty, and for some reason, he doesn’t have a pyramid to his name. He instead built a great mastaba in South Saqqara, a departure from the Giza necropolis used by his predecessors, but why? And why break the famous 4th dynasty tradition of pyramid building?

Well, in this video, I’ll be taking a closer look.

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Video Contents:
0:00 - Introduction
1:27 - King Shepseskaf
2:32 - The Mastaba of Shepseskaf
3:46 - How do we know it's Old Kingdom?
5:30 - The Exterior of the Mastaba
11:50 - The Entrance and the Breach
14:32 - Inside the Mastaba of Shepseskaf
22:12 - Temples and Causeway
22:58 - Why No Pyramid? And Why not Built at Giza?
27:25 - Did Shepseskaf Steal Menkaure's Granite?
29:54 - Conclusion

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