Hymn to the Aten - Word for Word - Ancient Egyptian Wall Text of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Hello fellow Egyptology lovers,

I have painstakingly divide the text of the famous Hymn fo Aten from the tomb of Ay in Amarna, Egypt. The hymn was a prayer to the single god which the Pharaoh Akhenaten (prior name Amenhotep IV), decreed would be the only god to worship. He effectively, single handedly abolished 2,500 of religious belief for the One God - the Aten.

Follow along and learn the Hymn by reading the words one by one.
This video is a bit dry and slow, but it is meant for the Egyptian enthusiast, who wish to grow and learn the language of the hieroglyphics and enjoy a bit of ancient history.

There are 13 column and they are divided by time indexes for you to skip too. You can also download the Word .doc and follow along in english and a JPG image of the Hymn, which you can divide yourself to learn how to read the hymn: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z1vdk4z6ym5g5sm/AACDqZoT9agDvijGlDI7VvOHa?dl=0


Column 1 - 0:42
Column 2 - 3:14
Column 3 - 5:00
Column 4 - 7:08 --- missing words (bottom of column) "so they might not be stolen"
Column 5 - 9:45
Column 6 - 11:50
Column 7 - 14:25
Column 8 - 17:20
Column 9 - 19:57
Column 10 - 22:27
Column 11 - 24:53
Column 12 - 27:03
Column 13 - 29:20

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