Grandmother of Tutankhamun, Mother Of Akhenaten, Wife of Amenhotep III. She was one of the most powerful queens in Egyptian history. Many foreigners preferred to correspond with her directly, rather than the Pharaoh. She lived to her late 60s. Her parents were Tuya & Yuya, and was the sister of Pharaoh Aye and the astronomer Anen. It is possible that her father was from the Mediterranean and was 1st appointed as chief horse trainer by Thothmoses IV, where Tuya also became a singer and priestess at Karnak. They rose through the ranks and became Nobels. Their daughter Tiye was the most suitable choice for Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III due to her high status education.

I worked on this reconstruction based off of her Mummy, which I had the pleasure to see in Cairo. She is one of the most beautiful mummies and unique as she has her own natural soft auburn, and not a wig. Of course she is well known from her bust, however the best way to recognise her is her OWN body.

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